Instructions for Updating NUCARS® Keys for 2015

All NUCARSŪ keys will expire on January 31, 2014. Please read the following instructions carefully so that we can reset your key for 2015.

Step 1: Send Update Request

Go here if you have already sent your request and received your update file.

Once we confirm that your license has been paid for 2014 we will send you an update code file near the end of the month. Follow the instructions below on how to use this to update your key.

Step 2: Updating your Key

If you sent a request to update your key and we have received payment you will be receiving an update file to be used to extend your license to January 31, 2015. If you have multiple keys, make sure the correct update file is used, as this file is unique to request file that was sent for each key.

To perform the license update:

If the update has been performed successfully, the control panel will now show a license expiration date of January 31st, 2015.