We offer NUCARS® training classes on request.


Training classes can be held at our site or yours.
Topics and example files can be tailored to fit your needs. (Units in English or metric)

Some of the topics that can be presented during a 5 day class:            


Computer Setup

Introduction to the NUCARS® Program and Subprograms

  • Pre-processors for:
    • Track Geometry
    • Wheel and Rail Profiles
    • Input forces
    • Eigenvalue analysis
    • System masses, stiffnesses, damping, friction, etc.
    • Springs
    • Batch generation
  • Post-Processors for:
    • Plotting and animating outputs
      • 2- or 3-d animation of bodies
      • Animation of wheel/rail profile contact
      • Statistics and plots of data channels

     Simulation of 1-, 2-, & 3-Degree of Freedom (DOF) Systems

        • Initial conditions
          • Input with Input bodies
          • Input with forcing function
          • Review of simple rigid body car dynamics

4-Axle Freight or Passenger Vehicle example
Review of simple body car dynamics

  • Vehicle Model
  • Chapter XI tracks

Steady State Curving

  • Theory
  • Performance criteria (including derailment)
  • Hunting
  • Batch Data Analysis

Hunting/Lateral stability

  • Integration Time Step Checks

Wheel and Rail profiles

Wheel/Rail Contact Models          

  • Rigid contact
  • Online, multi-point contact
  • Back-of-flange contact (Guardrails, Switch Point protectors)

Multiple Wheel/Rail Profiles

  • Variation of Rail profiles along the track  
  • Different Wheel profiles on each axle

Measured track geometry input  

Connection types in NUCARS®

Multi-Body Track Model


Double Rail Model

Flexible bodies