NUCARS® Validation and Benchmarking

The NUCARS® software was benchmarked against a number of other railway vehicle dynamics computer programs during a cooperative benchmarking exercise sponsored by Manchester Metropolitan University in 1997 and 1998, [1].
This exercise demonstrated that NUCARS® compares favorably with other leading railway vehicle simulation programs, including VAMPIRE, GENSYS, ADAMS/Rail-MEDYNA, and SIMPACK. In general, NUCARS® simulation results were very similar to those of VAMPIRE and GENSYS. In terms of computational speed, NUCARS® and VAMPIRE were similar and considerably faster than the other programs.

The Beta track model capabilities of NUCARS® have been benchmarked against a number of other Track Models during a cooperative benchmarking exercise sponsored by Rail-CRC of Australia.
This benchmark was coordinated by Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane. The results of the benchmark were reported at the 2005 International Heavy Haul (IHHA) conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, [2].

The core strength of NUCARS® software development is the continuous benchmarking of simulations with test measurements of wheel/rail interaction forces and vehicle dynamic response. [3,4,5,6,7] provide an overview of the a number of validation and comparison efforts. Members of the NUCARS® development team are active participants in research and development projects at TTCI's Pueblo test facility and for TTCI's customers worldwide in the passenger and freight railway industry.