NUCARS® : What You Get

NUCARS® Software

Mulit-body dynamic simulation intergration engine

  • NUCARS® Control Panel
  • Program for launching the individual programs

  • Prepares measured wheel and rail profile shapes for input to NUCARS, batch processing of multiple wheel and rail profiles available

  • TrackVu
  • Preview, analyze, and prepares measured track geometry for input to NUCARS.

  • SpringVu
  • Calculates input data for standard North American 3-piece truck freight car spring groups and friction wedges

  • MultiVu™
  • A very powerful data analysis package for the analysis and plotting of NUCARS® output, including time domain and frequency domain analyses, digital filtering, ride quality, statistics, and conversion to other data formats. Most functions are also available for batch processing. Output data channels can also be combined and manipulated using a variety of mathematical functions. MultiVu™ also accepts ASCII input from other data sources, such as test data.

  • Preprocessor for viewing NUCARS® system files and checking their validity

  • Animation of NUCARS® and NUEIGEN output, including visualization of W/R forces and body motions

  • Eigen-value solution for linearized systems including lateral stability (hunting)

  • Track Propagator
  • For generating the track portion of NUCARS SYS files to represent flexible track structures for use with the NUCARS flexible track modeling capability.

  • ParamVu
  • Allows easy generation of many NUCARS input data files (SYS, RUN, ETC) with varied inputs for parameter variation simulations.


    • PDF file for ease of searching and printing.


    NUCARS® Input File Libraries (supplied with License)

    • Representative vehicles for standard freight car, 2-axle car, 4-axle locomotive
    • Theoretical AAR Chapter XI track inputs
    • Measured TTC Track geometry
    • Representative theoretical and measured wheel/rail profiles and contact geometry
    • Arema 20 turnout
      Full simulations of:

      • new wedge connections
      • track model with bending rail ("single layer" track model)
      • track model with bending rail and ties ("double layer")
      • a slid flat wheel
      • wheel/rail animation